The Road Trip of 2004

Days 15-16: on to Home via Arizona and Nevada




  should we be concerned?????


 these things are huge




 except for Cole's scowel, this is a nice picture, at least Bon is happy.


 we picked up some ice cream cones to help cool off


 through Las Vegas

 look at the all the great things to do on highway 95

 area 51........oooooooo scary

  the Ramada was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. The hotel and restaraunt were fantastic.


  back to Califonia


Mono Lake


 Hunter had a chart of bugs and he was excited to match it up.

 hi bunny




 on to Panum Crater. The girls went up to the top and I had to change a tire.

 fun times for me

 we always find snow on our trips.

 since we had to change a tire, we went to Yosemite instead of Bodie. I didn't want to take the gravel road to Bodie without a spare tire.

 we always try to get a penny smushed

 it is over already. Droppin' of Oscar Cole

 time to start planning 2005 trip....How about a Hwy 50 trip, begining to end?
















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