The Road Trip of 2004

Days 9-11: Fort Walton Beach, if you go here you have to stop by the Old Bay Steamer and have the seafood boil, it was the best food on the trip.

We stayed at the Ramada which was a great family hotel.

oooooooohhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyy. This is the view from our room. As soon as we saw this view, we called down to stay an extra day here.

yea dad, this is our room.

The girls wasted no time hitting the beach.

 this is my favorite picture, this was taken from inside our hotel room. I love the wave crashing.

it started raining for a while, so we went and did laundry.

quick everyone lets go... the sun is out.

because of the weather front that moved through, the waves were great.


the girls getting ready to go body boarding at 11:30 pm.


the 3 girls out at the surf after midnight.


they decided to call it a night when the lightning started to get close.



the next part of the front made it in.


We were on the beach for about an hour and half between the rain, and boy did we get cooked.

 except BD just got browner

we seem to be getting redder

The slide worked suprisingly well for being very humid. Hunter flew off the slide


the last night, go to check our emails.














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