The Road Trip of 2004

Last year we drove to Alaska, then to the West Edmonton Mall and Yellowstone National Park. This year we are going the other direction. We are visiting my sister in Dallas then heading up to Springfield Missouri to visit some friends, instead of driving straight from Dallas to Springfield, we are going to go through Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Fort Walton Beach Fl., Bowling Green Kentucky.

We went over 6000 miles covering 16 states in 17 days.

Days 1-3: Home (Stockton Ca.) to Ft Worth Texas

This doesn't look like enough snacks to get us to Texas.

I didn't know that life could to start this early  

It was a great morning when we left at 6:00 a.m. from Stockton California.


on I-405 we got postponed by the traffic, due to President Reagan's funeral procession


We are at the beach by San Diego


Hunter checking out the wild life by the beach.


We made it to.......uuuummmmmmm?


The girls watching the Hunter flying show


Of course we had to keep the tradition of having Dairy Queen when we leave California


at one of the rest stops in Az. We didn't get on the news here.


we made it ,to the rest stop


such a drastic scenery change from Arizona to New Mexico....NOT


then on to Texas


Since we where in El Paso so close to the Mexican border, we went to a greek restaurant and had pizza, go figure


time to wash the desert dirt off


as we headed further into Texas we got stopped at a border patrol check stop. They didn't know that we had smuggled Nicole in from Canada.


A B1 bomber flew over us as we headed into Fort Worth


We saw this storm chaser on I-35w as we headed into the Ft Worth area. They had been under severe weather for the 3 days prior to us getting there.
















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