Road Trip 2003

Last year they thought we were crazy. Then we told them this year we're adding a thousand miles and we're going to Alaska. Since Alaska wouldn't be enough, we are adding the West Edmonton Mall and Yellowstone National Park.

We will let you know how we plan a trip like this, booking hotels,meals, everything on a budget for a family of 5,(husband,wife 2 teenage daughters,and a 1.5yr old boy). This 15 day trip cost us less than a one week vacation package to Disneyland. Everyone had a say on the stops for the trip when we started planing it. We used MS Streets and Trips for the road maps and driving distance and estimating fuel cost.

Days 1-4: Home (Stockton Ca.) to

Vancouver Washington, Kamloops BC, Vanderhoof BC, to Hwy 37 and 37a

We left Stockton at 6:00 am. Streets and Trips tells us we should make it to Vancouver by 6:00pm. No need to rush

6:00 am

We started a tradition last year, when we leave California we have to stop a a Dairy Queen for a soft-serve. This one took us 20 miles out of the way (my fault)

Welcome to Oregondq

Hunter loves this tradition

hunter soft serve

We made it to Vancouver Wa. the first evening.

1st night
Budgets, we took our total budgeted amount for food, fuel, (we used $2.20 a gal for fuel, for a buffer,prices in June 2003 was around $1.68g), and misc and split it evenly among all the days of the trip. Hotels were figured separately. Our girls handled the budget, they keep track of all of the expenditures, and running balances and once we got into Canada they had to do the Canadian currency conversions as our budgets were done in US dollars.

Day 1-2
we stopped at Safeway and picked up muffins for breakfast and stuff for sandwiches for lunch and the stop at DQ. We had lunch at a little diner while we were out seeing the sites in Vancouver. Dinners were at a member of the family who's house we stayed at for Days 1-2, leaving the morning of day 3.

On day 3 we started our trek to Canada. Of-course we had a great breakfast. Bananas, strawberries and chocolate dip.


Hunter complained about the smell as we drove by a dairy just before the border.

The border guard at Hunnington Crossing laughed at us when we told him we were going to Kamloops. He said 'unless you have family there, no one goes on holiday to Kamloops'(I liked it, he must of got mugged there;-) To make the border crossings easier, we had a copy of everyone's birth certificate with a copy of the letter from our auto insurance company stating that we were covered in Canada.

To CanadaHunnington Border

We arrived at our hotel in Kamloops BC,(Thriftlodge). We started another tradition on our last trip, bringing circus animal cookies for a late night snack.
Econolodge Kamloopscookies
Day 3
(gas went up to $2.15usd once we crossed the border)
we had breakfast before we left Vancouver, bought stuff for lunch which we ate just before we crossed the border. Once we got to Kamloops, we sat down at a nice family resturant by the hotel.

The next day we got on Highway 16 (the Yellowhead Highway) and made it to Vanderhoof BC, the geographical center (or centre) of British Columbia. We got in around 4:30 and checked out the museums. We stayed at the Hillview. For staying daylight so long, they should have thicker curtains on the windows. The room was really good. We found this hotel via a hwy 16 web site.


We picked Hunter up a Blue's Clues chair at the Canadian Super Store in Prince George. The girls inflated it and deflated it at every hotel.

blues clues chair
Day 4
we had continental breakfast before we left the hotel, bought stuff for lunch which some kind of sausuge pastry thing that was really good. Ate dinner at a nice place in town

The rest stops on the Yellowhead Highway are nice, Hunter did his part to help keep it clean.

Somewhere along here we saw the world's largest fly fishing pole. Who tried this thing out?

on to Highway 37 and 37a














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