The Trip 2002

Day 12: Barstow Ca. to Home (Stockton Ca.)

We got up before 6:00 to make the final and longest leg of the trip. It's a good thing we got up early because Navigator Bonnie, got us onto the 15 heading south. We took 15 to Hesperia and got onto 395 there.

at least we got to see Victorville

this was Owens Lake, the white powder is alkalines which blows into the Owens Valley towns when the wind picks up.


The Owens Valley Radio Observatory is the largest university-operated radio observatory in the world. The Observatory is located near Bishop, California.

this is in Bishop, everyone thought is was cool to see snow capped mountains behind a grocery store and Kmart.

the water temperature in the creek is perfect for raising trout year round.

the next stop was the Hot Springs in the Long Valley Caldera.
It is awesome to see and touch water that was heated by lava.

our dog was curious with the bubbling mud aways from the creek

The next stop on our whirlwind tour was Mono Lake, the water level seemed higher than it was a few years ago. There also was a lot less brine shrimp and flies. Maybe we were to early in the season for them

after Mono Lake we climbed the volcano Panum Crater.

Next stop Yosemite. 395 to 120

Isn't California the greatest, we woke up on the 90 degree desert floor at Barstow and that afternoon we are standing in snow.

as you can see, we were dressed for the snow ;-)

Last stop home, a ton of laundry, a lot of sad faces, and a dirty van

Well, we survived the trip. everyone was sad for the trip to end. We, ("we" actually means everybody),are already planning the next long road trip, we are going to Washington State, B.C. Canada, Alaska, Edmonton (the mall), and we will come home through Yellowstone. We have to do the Texas thing again. I miss my sister, and I am out of Big Red soda.


Our Road Map

Owens Valley Volcanic Guide

Cenozoic/Mesozoic Volcanism of the Eastern Sierra Nevada

The Trip 2003 we're adding a thousand miles and we're going to Alaska. Since Alaska wouldn't be enough, we are adding the West Edmonton Mall and Yellowstone National Park.>

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