The Trip 2002

Day 11: Benson Az. to Barstow Ca.

This was the start of a bad day. When we got out to the van we found the emergency break-away switch had been activated during the night and drained the battery and damaged the trailer brakes. Later on in the day as we crossed into California the speed limit changes from 75mph to 55mph for vehicles with trailers and I didn't change the cruise control from 70 to 55 mph and Mr. Highway Patrol reminded us.

We did however get to go through the Colorado River Indian Territory on our way to see the London Bridge and we did get to try some fried Indian Bread.

this is the London Bridge.


welcome to California

After talking it over, decided not to end the trip and camp in Barstow and take highway 395 home. When we got to Barstow it was over 100 degrees with a low of 83 degrees during the night. So we decided to stay at a hotel. Nicole wanted to see Gilmore Girls so we pulled in early. After getting to the hotel we found that they didn't get the WB. Poor Nicole. See I told you it was a bad day.

Hunter's breakfast

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