The Trip 2002

Day 7-10: Godley Tx. to Roswell NM.

Now we headed back west towards Roswell N.M.

Because of the extreme fire danger a lot of the New Mexico state parks were closed. Bottemless Lakes was one of the only parks open for camping. No charcoal fires were allowed. That was really bad since we bought ribs, chicken, steaks for bbq before we left Texas.

Here is Nicole working with our fried chicken batter. Now we weren't planning on having fried chicken, but since we couldn't have bbq chicken we adapted. We also didn't have any flour, but we had some kickin' spices and some Krusteaz pancake mix. It turned out really good.

Can you believe Bonnie's dishwashing outfit. I guess Texas really rubbed off on her.


Since we were in the area, we decided to visit some ufo places.

Nicole trying to do home school instruction. She said it was her sister.

After all that UFO stuff we had to relax.

The trailer came with a jacuzzi. Too bad it only fit Hunter

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