The Trip 2002

Day 4-7: Palo Duro Canyon Tx. to Godley Tx. (just south of Fort Worth)

Leaving the canyon on I-27 south towards Lubbock. It must have been a real slow news day in Lubbock because when we pulled into a rest stop to eat lunch a news crew from KCBD channel 11 came in to interview us. We must have looked real bad because the wind was blowing about 50 mph. We didn't get to see the interview because that evening we made it to Fort Worth area.

they are setting up the video camera to watch us pull out.

This picture is from the KCBD web site

the sprawling metropolis of Lubbock, who recently got gilted by Britney Spears. At least we stayed for our interview.

After Lubbock we headed south east on 84 to I-20. About half way to I-20 we finished the books on cd Lord of the Rings.

We finally made it to the out-skirts of Fort Worth. This is what Fort Worth looks like from about 15 miles and 500 miles of bug guts.

This is my sister house and one of her many pets in Godley Tx.

We went to Dinosaur Valley Park about 30 miles south of Fort Worth.

at least they think of safety first at this park. This jug is about 500 yards up the hill from the river.

don't stand too close, we don't want anyone to know we are family.

don't eat me, eat the baby.

Back at Robin's place.


Below the burro has a small growth on it's back and in the second picture it's removing the growth!

The next day we went to Fort Worth Stockyards to shop and check out the cattle drive.

oops who left the camera on?

The next day we had to leave, nobody was happy about that, but we said our tearfull good-byes...

bye Cissy


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