Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Children's Church Remodel

First Room
Fervent Kids Ministries started with the Life Church when they were doing church out of a truck at a school. When the Home Church moved out of the warehouse on Murray Drive in Stockton it was a chance for the Life Church to call a building home.  We had 30 days to convert the warehouse into a church with a sanctuary, kids church, and a nursery. The bathrooms were something else too. When drawing up the plans for the Kids Church, we finally decided on putting in an entryway and a behemoth structure over the stage.
The idea for the theme of the Kid's Church rooms came many years ago when we had taken the Children's Ministries Youth Staff from Lakeview Assembly to Disneyland. While we were standing in line for the Indian Jones ride we were talking about how awesome a Kid's Church would be designed like the Indiana Jones area at Disneyland. The Lord gave Robin and I dreams of a Kid's Church like that. Every time we go we take hundreds of pictures and we spend a lot of time on for ideas.
We completed the remodel in 30 days and remained in that building for around 8 months.
(As of June 2012 the room at the Murray Dr. Building had been demolished, which is a little disheartening, would have love to rescued the props and stage for another Kid's Church somewhere else)
Wednesday, 13 February 2019