Tuesday, 12 March 2019
Life Church at Grace Assembly Bldg

Then the Grace Assembly Building on Fremont St. became available to us. The first week of January we moved from our building on Murray Dr. to a facility on Fremont St and hwy 99.
When we first looked at the new facility all we could say is ‘wow’ and not a good wow. The building where the kids will meet looked like it had been built in the 1950’s and abandoned in the 1980’s. The ceiling was about 7 foot high, so no bleachers and a lot of the tiles had water damage. I was really bummed that we were leaving an awesome Kid’s Church for this.
As we tried to figure out what we were going to do, the Lord started laying little pieces about His plan on our hearts. We know if we would have received His whole vision for the facility, we would have choked. We removed the ceiling and a wall between 2 23x25 classrooms, so we would be able to use the bleachers from our old Kid’s Church. Our original thought was to paint the roof, however after we removed the ceiling, we found piping and wiring exposed for the non functioning a/c units. The ducting for the a/c units looked like they were put in by Dr. Seuss, what a mess. We also found that most of the insulation and tiles were not salvageable because of the water damage. We did find a lot of pots and pans above the ceiling, I guess that was easier than taking care of the problem. Because of the wiring and the piping, we needed to replace the ceiling, ouch.
God really started to reveal Himself when a friend said he had family that would be able to put a new ceiling in for us and a friend that can check out the a/c heating units. That week, our a/c units were all working and they were able to remove almost 30 feet of extra ducting that had been installed. I had been dreading getting the estimate for the ceiling.
When the people came out for the ceiling, after taking some measurements, they said they would be able to do it all for free. All we would need to pick up is the tiles. He had all the wires, t-bar and everything else. He even brought a crew. All he wanted is a letter of recommendation for the job. (Are you kidding, a letter, WOW God you are so in this).
Now I am getting excited, I wanted to have something that took the place of our mammoth structure that we had over our stage at the other building. We tried to think of something that really didn’t belong in a classroom (or 2).  A MASSIVE STAGE, now it is getting exciting. God was giving us dreams. So I talked to our stage creator (Johnnie), who helped us, start planning the stage, and boy did we start planning. We did not waste anytime building an awesome 10 foot entrance wall, puppet stage and a 2 foot high 24 foot long stage (I was hoping for 3 foot high but 2 is awesome).

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Life Church at Grace Assembly Bldg